We build it, we launch it, we sell it.

Does your product have great potential?

We'll be the first to invest in it.

We dedicate time, money and resources to create the product with you and launch it on the market. We don't demand company shares and we don't want expenses to be covered. We will earn only if the product is successful through crowdfunding and sales.

Let's develop your product together

Starting from your prototype we help you to produce your product in the best possible way. Thanks to the collaboration of the most experienced international partners in each sector, we can develop any type of project and adopt the most effective and efficient production solutions.

Our product development services
Product strategy
Choice of materials
Selection of suppliers

We will launch your product on the international market

From the strategy for identifying the ideal target audience to the realisation of photos and videos, from pre-launch promotion to marketing, we will take your product towards success through international crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Our crowdfunding services
Analyses and strategy
Lead generation
Facebook advertising
E-mail Marketing
Public Relations
Social Media
Equity Crowdfunding
Video Making

We will help you sell more. Online

Once your product is on the market, we find customers through our services, we increase visitors to your website, multiply the return on investment and involve target users through social media or via e-mail.

Our e-commerce services
Amazon Marketing
Content Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Google Advertising
E-commerce site development
Facebook advertising